Author: Jackiem Joyner

TimeLabe Episode I

By Jackiem Joyner: Author - The first episode of this book series takes place in San Francisco. Where Kyle, a talented physicist and alcoholic meets Sir Bernard. Chief scientist for the throne and loyal to King Caesar. Two scientists from two time periods fight to erase the past as they work together to build the most advanced Time Machine. Sir Bernard, a seasoned and trusted scientist, living in the time of King Caesar, is lauded by many… until his invention sparks rage and fear among the people. Can they prove their theories are real and can they save lives and reputations, including their own?

Minor Assassin

By Jackiem Joyner: Author - Minor Assassin" will take you on a dramatic Journey in martial arts, espionage, and blood! By the age of 13 Jon becomes one of the most talented fighters and killers of his time. But what is he fighting for? To decapitate a massive human trafficking network in Las Vegas and to rescue his older sister, Jayla from captivity. Tragedy sent him to Japan as a young boy. And there he would learn the skills needed to rescue his sister and have his revenge!

Zarya - Cydnus Final Hope

By Jackiem Joyner: Author - My debut Novel in a series of 3 books to be released. Being the critic I am with sci fi, I wanted to create an adventure that would inspire those of us who like futuristic environments and situations. Zarya is all about advanced civilization. More than just flying cars and drones and super advanced worlds. But fast paced adventure. The book touches on advanced computer systems that run networks of military and civilian planetary systems. The main character, Zarya, is a young teenage computer coder from a small town just outside of the main city “New Cebrenia. She has ears like and elf, a long tail, and an eye piece that helps her communicate with her airboard “Sochi”. Her eyepiece can also control other systems. As you might have guessed, this unwittingly makes her a threat to those in control. Her talent would need to be tamed. Silenced. But perhaps she’s just too smart for that! She could never have imagined she’d build one the most advanced AI systems on the planet. She was just doing what she’s good at. In the process she finds many dark secrets about her world as well as the work her father was involved in. Not a spoiler! Her father helped develop many of the energy cells that power the Planet. But that’s about as much as I’ll tell you without spoiling anything!! Cydnus is an advanced desert planet with drones and flying killing machines. Buildings that claw high into the sky. Everything is under surveillance and everyone is controlled by this system. It’s a fact, the way of life, and no one dares question it.

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