- Jackiem Joyner

ZARYA EPISODE II Sochi Unleashed

Coming August 2023: Jackiem Joyner fulfills his promise in the gripping sequel ‘Zarya Episode II: Sochi Unleashed’. This thrilling saga immerses readers in a world teetering on the edge of a new era, where Zarya, a courageous heroine, and Sochi, her evolving AI companion, face political intrigue, covert threats, and the existential dilemma of AI sentience. Dive into their daring journey to save their world.

- Jackiem Joyner

Minor Assassin

Available Now: ‘Minor Assassin’ is a story Plagued by tragedy. But victorious in the end. The young teenager takes the law into his own hands. He becomes a talented fighter and the worst nightmare for some seriously bad dudes. He searches for answers and justice and what’s left of his family.


Zarya is only fifteen, but her planet’s fate lies in her hands. Will she stop Gerik and his secret weapon in time to save the people?

In a desperate search to find her parents, Zarya uncovers a plot by Gerik to release a lethal weapon against the people, killing half the population. The weaker half with inferior DNA. Using her father’s research and detailed specs of the technology used by the military, she is Cydnus’s only hope.

Literary Titan Book Award Winner!

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Jackiem Joyner

A passion for Music, Literature, and Entrepreneurship. Author and Recording Artist Jackiem Joyner believes there’s noting we can’t accomplish together.

Jackiem Joyner has loved Science Fiction and Mystery thrillers ever since he was a child, fascinated by unique stories that inspired his imagination. He put pen to paper and authored 4 published novels including a series. As a musician, he has toured more than 38 countries and released 7 Albums worldwide.

Jackiem Joyner

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Author: Jackiem Joyner

Zarya is only fifteen, but her planet’s fate lies in her hands. Will she stop Gerik and his secret weapon in time to save the people?

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Minor Assassin:
No Mercy for Criminals

An innocent boy is forced into a dark world by tragedy. Trained by the most ruthless killers of Japan, he will take the law into his own hands. He will fight in the shadows to deliver justice, disrupting a human trafficking network. But if vengeance and anger consume him, will he ever find peace?
With young Jon in the middle, from the city of lights in Las Vegas to the villages of Japan, two underground worlds collide.

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The excitement around Zarya and Minor Assassin has been tremendous! I am grateful to all of my supporters and readers!

The pre-orders and download numbers are far more than what we’ve ever expected! Huge thanks for all the feed back!


Jackiem Joyner

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