Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in 2022 What It Is and How Beginners Can Begin

Here’s everything you need to know about marketing your self-published books on Amazon

I Decided to Start Reading Kindle Books

You’ll want to stay around for today’s subject, which includes three points. Because the third item is a well-guarded secret about the single most crucial thing you should do when you first start with KDP self-publishing.

So today’s subject is Amazon KDP in 2022, what it is, and how novices may get started. By the conclusion of this tutorial, you’ll have a clear understanding of what KDP is and how to use it to publish your book.

There will be certain essential concerns to which you must pay attention. To make this a successful endeavor and have your book published. And you’ll feel fantastic knowing that you have all you need to self-publish your book.

So let’s get started. 

So, in my personal experience, when I initially began self-publishing, I had no clue where to start. It all began in 2015, when a high school classmate and one of my siblings decided to post some books on Amazon.

That sounded fantastic, but did I have any idea what to do or how to go about accomplishing it? No, not at all. So, all began when I started reading Kindle novels on my iPhone. I realize I already have the books.

I can just download them to my phone and read them there. In addition, I used to listen to audiobooks instead of watching videos on YouTube. Where there are always books around, and just listening to them inspired me to read.

In a manner that I’d never managed to do before. But then I realized I had my book on my phone with me all the time, so it was a no-brainer. That this was something I could not only see being done, but also something I could maybe accomplish myself.

So I looked for a subject that piqued my curiosity. Goal attainment was the subject of my first book in this circumstance. “Well, that would be good to pass on to other people,” I reasoned, and that was a significant one.

Still following KDP 2022 Self Publishing Process

I’m still following the same processes here to demonstrate how to reach your objective of self-publishing, so I created my first book. I experimented with the covers and went through all of the incorrect stages; the problem was that I made hundreds of errors.

I squandered tens of thousands of dollars on the very first books I released. But then I started to see similarities in what is required to get the text in the first place. How to perform the editing, how to create the cover, and how to set up the formatting.

How to run advertisements against it, how to convert it to Kindle ebook format, and how to handle print, hardback, and audiobook editions of your books. So that people may appreciate and get a lot of benefit from the books you’re publishing.

But I made a lot of errors when it came to these things, but after a time, it all came together. There is a pattern to getting your book into the market, and it is repeating. And that’s a small portion of what I’m attempting to convey on this channel.

It’s the ability to realize that there’s a basic pattern that flows out for what it takes to get a book on the market and sell it. Since then, I’ve published over 200 books on Amazon and learned a great deal about self-publishing.

And it’s something I’m still really enthusiastic about, as seen by the fact that I share it with you on this channel. So, let’s get started with the primary topic: what is Amazon KDP in 2021 and how novices may get started. So the first thing I want you to understand is that you must choose the correct niche straight away.

And the reason I say this is because there are a variety of ways we may refer to this if you select the incorrect niche, genre, or microgenre. In the long run, you’ll pay the price. It’s a mix of three things that we’re looking for.

Choose a topic that interests you.

We need a market in which we can know which books are currently selling on Amazon. We need a market with a small number of books for this specific market. So there are just a few books, but they are selling well.

The final need is that you be interested in something. Unless you want to take the go-striking route, which I advocate as a perfectly acceptable and excellent choice. Assuming we’re the ones authoring the book.

Then you’ll want to double-check that these three items are all in order. You’ll never be able to produce many follow-up books that help grow your brand around you if you’re not interested in the issue.

On the other side, you’re creating a book in a niche or sub-niche where no other books exist. Then you’ll discover whether or not there is a market for your product. And what are your plans for the future? You’re going to start a whole industry.

I’m not sure whether you realize how painful it is, but it’s a big problem. Now, if you’re a starving artist, I’m sure you don’t mind if I order a copy of your books for you. And this may be an excellent one, gently building up to the point where you’re dead in 10 to 20 years.

And then your book will sell like hotcakes, which I do not suggest. The fourth point is that we desire a market with a limited number of books on the topic. So you could place your book there and then use your book to outmark the other folks, and this is one of the talents and methods I teach.

All of my secrets are aimed at teaching you how to outsmart your rivals when it comes to marketing. The point is, we can out-compete ourselves by putting our books on the market and doing a terrific job of marketing them. Even though the market is inundated, a flooded market implies we’re dividing sales and there are so many books.

We’re going to have a hard time competing with these books. So, trust me when I say this isn’t something you’ll want to do. You must ensure that we are not targeting a flooded market, where a large number of individuals are purchasing books.

We only have a few books on the subject, but it’s something we’re interested in learning more about. As a result, we’ll be able to publish book after book in the same region. This is the most critical thing, as I’ve told many coaching clients and even some of you on YouTube.


But, before we go any farther, it’s worth investing a little time, maybe not a year, but a few of weeks. This is not a situation to be taken lightly. Now we may make a mistake here, just as I did with my initial pick.

But no one informed me, and I’m telling you, you’ve been warned that this is something you need to get under control in order to ensure those things. KDSpy was used, and my affiliate link can be seen in the description of all of my YouTube videos. It aids me in locating these potent genres.

If you’d want me to look at this tool for your books, please let me know in the comments below. I can do that, or we can do it under your sessions, as many of my coaching clients do. So you may arrange a coaching session by clicking on the Coaching Sessions link below.

So that we can have a look at what’s going on with you. And I’ll show you how to undertake the in-depth analysis that many of the false experts out there would never teach you how to do. Number two, every day, set aside 500-1000 words to write.

I used to write a thousand words a day for my first novels. Now that I know we’re having this conversation, make sure the attributes of the book will get you between 3 and 5 stars on Amazon when it goes organically. But, beyond that, it’s a good book, so we’ll put adverts in these volumes while they’re being edited.

We can improve the quality, and we’re gaining subscribers to our email list and other things as a result of reader input. We’ll be able to figure out what we need to do in order to modify it for our future book. Make it more attractive to our target clients, and those perfect readers were quite enthusiastic.

That’s our aim; we want to make people excited about the next book we’re releasing, and this is precisely how we do it. Now you must pick how many words you will use. You may claim you’ll write for 30 minutes per day.

Concept of Just-In-Time Learning
I enjoy the word count because it keeps you on your toes while you’re writing. So we’ve already decided on a theme and have been writing a thousand words every day till we’ve completed our novel. You may also choose the length of the book; as it’s nonfiction, it might be as little as 10,000 words.

And if it’s fiction, anything may happen. I mean, even for nonfiction, I’d think it should be at least 3000 words long. We want to make sure it reaches the required 24 pages for a paperback, and we can also transform it into a commercially viable audiobook.

Managing your writing time

It’ll take at least 20 minutes, so you’ll have to write roughly 115 words every minute, to give you an idea. So you’ve figured out that the link we should provide is anything less than 3000 words long. However, for a fiction work you’re creating, you may go from $3,000 to $100,000.

It varies, but don’t feel that the connection needs to be excruciatingly painful or that you have to be under duress to get the link just perfect. Simply begin writing; you may sketch the plot first and spend some time doing so, and then begin writing your story and putting everything together.

Each book you publish will improve, and your audience will provide you with the criticism you need. Now for the secret solution of the day: don’t attempt to master everything at once; instead, concentrate on the next stage in the process to win the long game of self-publishing.

“Why wouldn’t I do marketing?” a previous student inquired, “I want to do this, I want to do that.” And they haven’t even finished writing their book or put it on the market. They want it posted on social media, where they spend so much time conversing with these individuals.

But I’m telling you, get your first book out there, then let’s talk about how we can enhance it and sell it after that. So there are so many components to this that you may get ahead of yourself and get all caught up in the process of figuring it out.

Just In Time Learning is a notion that I’ve addressed earlier in one of my videos, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for. We want to learn when we’re ready to put what we’ve learned into practice. So, if we’re going to study advertisements, we need to make sure we’re prepared to put what we’ve learned into practice.

If we’re talking about how to properly format your book, you’ll want to check out my Formatting Course, which is included in the description of all of my YouTube videos. And I don’t skip forward while you’re going through those stages. We’ll do it one step at a time, with you clicking along with me.

I hold your hand one-on-one to ensure that you are successful in having your book formatted properly. At that moment, we don’t care about the cover; all we worry about is the book format. We also take care of the cover, but not in the way that those repair-related actions are done.

However, we’re not talking about advertisements, social media marketing, or even content marketing. All of this will have to wait until a later day. We’re not even discussing how to publish a book on Amazon, Ingram Spark, or any of the other platforms.

Alternatively, you might use audible to create an audiobook version of your book. We’re simply concentrating on one thing: having your book prepared. Do you see how this works?

As a newbie, I go through a lot of the processes required to succeed in the self-publishing game. But we’ll take it one step at a time and work our way through the stages. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour each day; if you can’t devote more time, at least 30 minutes will suffice.

To Sum it up

Otherwise, I can assure you that without 30 minutes each day, you will not succeed. If you’re just prepared to put in 30 minutes a day, this is definitely a doomed effort from the start. And it’s a minimum of 30 minutes every day.

And, while you’re writing, see if you can write 500 to 1,000 words. You’ll thank me later for my suggestions. When it comes to Amazon KDP, here are the suggestions that can help you in 2021. I’d want to know whether you’re attempting to publish your first book.

I need to know since it will help me generate better videos and cater to your individual requirements when it comes to self-publishing. More answers to your self-publishing queries may be found in my other articles and videos.

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